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Tiffanie Mishelle

Christian Rapper & Songwriter

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Born with a pen in hand and a heart tuned to the divine, Tiffanie Mishelle is a Christian rapper on a mission to call souls to Jesus through her poetic verses. From the age of 7, Tiffanie found solace and expression in the art of poetry, her words imbued with a spiritual resonance that would later define her career.

Tiffanie found herself drawn to the power of music as a vessel for spreading the message of faith and redemption. With the adversity she faced, she felt the presence of God guiding her hand and life, shaping her into the artist she was destined to become.

In August 2023, Tiffanie took her first step onto the music industry with the release of her debut EP 333!. Through her music, she sought not just to entertain but to edify, to uplift the weary souls who wandered in search of spiritual fulfillment with Jesus Christ! Tiffanie is planning to release her first debut album August 2024 along with her first novel.  

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